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I was mightily blessed indeed by that awesome Word from Jesus. When Jesus speaks, as the Son of God and the Savior of the World, it is wonderful. His name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6). Of course, when Jehovah speaks it's even more wonderful. To God be all the glory great things He has done!!!
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great testimony Eunice and Jesus were lovely it was a great exciting confirmation which confirmed things suspected
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Thank for allowing Jesus to speak thru you, Eunice. HE is so good!! HE is faithful indeed!!! All glory be to God!!
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My wife and I have received prophetic words from Eunice, separately and as a couple. God has gifted her with an amazing gift for delivering words of knowledge and words of prophecy that are enlightening and encouraging. She is mature in Christ and worthy of honor.
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I personally give ABBA DADDY GOD THE GLORY AND THANKS for HIS provisions and treasures from heaven and on earth too, for my daughter and myself because daily HE PROVES THAT HE IS OUR JEHOVAH JIREH!

THE WORD OF GOD is our treasure and Eunice is also one (1) of GOD'S treasures who ABBA DADDY GOD has called and who he has chosen to share with us.

Many are called, but few are chosen!

Eunice helps to confirm GOD'S PEACE, GOD'S LOVE, GOD'S GOODNESS, GOD'S PLAN AND GOD'S PURPOSE for ALL of HIS children who put their trust and confidence in HIM.

Eunice reminds us to trust GOD and to do good; HAVE FAITH, as ABBA DADDY has commanded us to do in this fallen world that we live in as HE has promised in The Word of GOD, and with our steadfast faith in HIM, HE FAITHFULLY DOES ROMANS 8:28 IN HIS CHILDREN'S LIVES, as proof of HIS LOVE FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN HIS AWESOME POWER AND IN HIS GREAT MIGHT!

Eunice imparts the encouraging words that she hears from THE LORD THY GOD to us, because OF GOD'S PRECIOUS LOVE FOR US!

ABBA has entrusted Eunice, HIS TREASURE, to help share HIS RICHES AND GLORY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST to all of us, who will heed HIS WORD through her!

Let us all keep her in our prayers that GOD will also give her the desires of her heart too, because she is truly a humble servant of GOD. A treasure to GOD and to us!

Thank you my Sister in Christ.

We love you!
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Eunice is a true friend like my best friend JESUS. She has the heart of a humble servant of GOD and she gives HIM THE GLORY WHENEVER SHE SENDS A MESSAGE TO US.

As you get a response from her she titles it 'A WORD FROM THE LORD'. She has a humble servant spirit to be obedient to the calling GOD has ordained for her before the foundation of the earth now.

THE HOLY SPIRIT led me to share this treasure I found with you. I hope it blesses you BELOVED IN JESUS CHRIST.
'The least in the kingdom. In the NT Greek, it is in the singular. The least here does not refer to. just anyone in the kingdom of God. It refers to Jesus and to Him alone. That was the interpretation of the church fathers. They viewed ‘the least’ as a superlative. And in the superlative, there can only be one who is the least. And Jesus, who humbled Himself to be the least, is also the greatest because God the Father exalted Him.

Now the meaning of Matthew 11:11 becomes clear. John the Baptist was the greatest among those born of women with one exception. Jesus was greater than John. And not only is He greater than John, but as we read in Matthew12:6, He is greater than the temple for He Himself is the true temple, the very manifestation of God’s presence.

The disciples once asked Jesus this question: Who is the greatest in the kingdom of God? Here is the answer: Whoever humbles himself like this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:4). In the kingdom of God, the way to be great is to be humble. Why is that so? Because when you humble yourself before God, that is when God will exalt you. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and He will lift you up (James 4:10). ‘Humble yourself.’ This should be the starting point of any talk about spiritual greatness.
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Thank you so much! I wept as I listened to the word you sent, the deepest longings of my heart were spoken into by the Lord using language and symbols that are deeply meaningful to me. I have experienced God’s ‘knowing’ of me and deep encouragement and hope.
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Hi Eunice,
What an amazing word of hope filled encouragement for this present season of my life. I appreciate so much not only the insights and revelation but how it was unfolded with words and images. Thank you Eunice for taking the time to seek the Lord to minister with the gifts given you.
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Such grace was poured out in your words Eunice. Your gentle truthful spirit is so healing and enables one to receive the Words easily. Every word hit the mark and ignited hope and opened a way .. thank you for giving yourself to this ministry.
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Thank you Eunice, your prophecy spoke into so many of the themes God has used to speak to me about over many years and brought them together to bring a ‘now’ word of such power to encourage. Even on the day I received it I experienced a shift which was towards the fulfilment of the prophecy. Thank you for stewarding your life and gifts and for the price you have paid to fulfill your calling x
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Eunice is truly a treasure from HEAVEN that ABBA FATHER shares with us. She has helped me in my life many, many times. Before I make important decisions or just need words of encouragement, I feel blessed that I can write to Eunice. Each time I am astonished how precisely she hears from DADDY GOD.
Thank you.
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First of all, may God bless you in your life and ministry!

My soon-to-be wife requested a word and let me tell on!
There were layers to it - some symbolism that pertained directly to the wedding event (about a knot) and roses (the only decor we are using) as well as God bringing me into the land (I am moving from the US to the UK to join her), as well as holding meaning on a less immediate, future scale. There were further words of encouragement and healing and future promises - some of which is confirmation of things God has said to us directly or through other words and other things which were a breath of fresh Holy Spirit air.
A prophetic word was a great idea by my fiance and we couldn't have been happier that the Father used Eunice!

God Bless you
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Eunice is my Sister in Christ and friend. I have been through so much in my life and GOD has wondrously blessed me with help from Eunice. She is like A BALM IN GILEAD that has healed my wounded soul through it all through JESUS CHRIST. Words cannot express my thanks to you for your help. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO RICHLY BLESS YOU MY VERY DEAR FRIEND!!!

Thank you.

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Dear Eunice,

I thank God for your anointing! I have received several prophetic words from you over the years and each time I'm humbled, amazed, and so encouraged that my heart feels light and burdens just lift right off me. I truly thank God for you and your kind and gentle spirit. May God bless you and keep you encouraged and in blessed health, Amen.
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Dear Eunice
Again thank you for the awesome word from God Almighty. Over the past 2 to 3 years I have requested on a sporadic basis a word from God for the season at hand and God is so faithful to bring the word He spoke through you, to pass time and again. Much of what you received from God in respect of me, has manifested in the natural. My wife and I, (Father God incidently also gave me a word through you for our marriage), have absolute fearless faith as to what you gave word also for, will manifest in the natural. Praise God!! Eunice thank you for your support and for always responding in a short time when I'm,(now we?),in dire need for some leading from God!! Keep well and we'll keep you posted!!
Louwrens and Doreen
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I have known Eunice for many years and received a number of personal words from her during that time, all of which have either come to pass or are in process of doing so. She is a truly anointed woman of God. May the Lord continue to bless you richly Eunice, as you indeed bless others.
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Thank you, Eunice, for the wonderful prophetic word from the Lord. Blessings!!
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GLORY TO GOD!!! Thank you Eunice. What a blessing GOD and you are to me!!! I love and thank GOD for you!!!You are such a blessing and encourager delivering a balm from ABBA DADDY GOD, to me. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
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Dear Eunice,

May GOD continue to richly bless you this year 2018 and beyond Eunice.

Thank you for selflessly giving of yourself to help others like me. I feel truly and wondrously blessed by the testimony you gave to me. Thank you!!!

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Eunice is a very gifted individual who loves God and loves people. Her prophetic word to me was so accurate and powerful and I am amazed at how she keeps seeing all of these images in her mind and then explaining what they mean so well.

She also doesn't keep repeating herself and going around in circles, but stays on track and delivers powerful and kind words of encouragement and comfort.

I would definitely recommend asking a prophetic word from her as she is humble and yet powerful and compassionate.

God bless you richly, Eunice!
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What a great way to send someone a precious gift that they will treasure from Abba Father. Eunice has an amazing insight to encourage and help people to receive from Heaven. Always accurate and full of detail for people who need direction. This is a great website.
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Eunice is the prophetic voice I trust the most to help me when stuck with something. I praise God for her in my life as she is usually very specific and accurate in her prophetic vision and words. Thanks so much, Eunice, for your ministry!
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Dear Sister Eunice,

My sister in Christ and Friend. Thank you!!!

This testimonial is different.

THE HOLY SPIRIT said to me after listening to your prophecy for me. A three (3) strand cord is not easily broken, and then HE told me look up the meaning on the internet. I obeyed HIM.

Personally, I always thought that bible verse had to do with a couple getting married and THE BLESSED TRINITY BEING THE GLUE HOLDING THE MARRIAGE TOGETHER, then THE HOLY SPIRIT told me that we are married - WE THE CHURCH ARE THE BRIDE, AND JESUS CHRIST IS THE BRIDEGROOM AND PART OF THE BLESSED TRINITY!!!

Then THE HOLY SPIRIT TOLD ME TO share this post I found on the internet, about the bible verse for those who might read it shall be blessed as well to find help from Sister Eunice. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO RICHLY BLESS YOU!!! THANK YOU.
See the post that I found about it below -

What is the meaning of “a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken”?
Bible Answer:
The verse you are referring to is Ecclesiastes 4:12. It reads as follows,
And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart. Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NASB)
Starting with Ecclesiastes 4:9, God tells us that it is better to not be a loner. Some people are hermits and want to live alone. Some move into the country and keep to themselves. Others want to do everything without anyone’s help. Some people do not want to be with people. They have no friends or avoid their neighbors. But God warns us in this passage that that is not wisdom. Therefore, starting in Eccl. 4:9 God says that two people are more productive than one person. Most people understand that is true. In verse 10, we are told that if one of the two falls down, the other one can help them. In verse 11 we discover that two people sleeping together will be warmer. That makes sense when there is no heat. Then in verse 12 we are told that two people can withstand someone who is very powerful better than one person, and better yet are three people together.
The actual Hebrew does not say “three strands” but simply “three.” That is, three together is better than one or two. The picture is of a very powerful individual who overpowers another individual – one on one. When we are told that two can resist, the Hebrew word that is translated as “resist” actually means “to stand against.” That is, two people can resist one but may succumb eventually. But three people are better than two, and two are better than one in withstanding a powerful individual - evil.
Ecclesiastes 4 discusses oppression – a series of wisdom statements. Ecclesiastes 4:12 might seem obvious to many, but yet how many people do not want help? How many people live alone? How many work alone. Some work alone because they want the honor alone? How many men and women have never been married, because they do not want to have to live with another person? Wisdom says two are better than one and in a difficult situation three are even better.
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Eunice is my sister in Christ.
My concerns becomes her concerns, and she helps me and other seekers of THE TRUTH. She goes to OUR ABBA FATHER, OUR DADDY GOD to help us, because HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, so children of THE MOST HIGH GOD, like me, can continue to trust in the promises of GOD for our lives.
GOD desires that we prosper and be in good health, just as our soul prospers, and Eunice is able to covey those promises and many more to us, from our LOVING HEAVENLY ABBA FATHER DADDY GOD, because we are HIS BELOVED CHILDREN!!! Thank you my friend, and Sister-in-Christ, Eunice. I appreciate what you do for me. Thank you very much. May GOD continue to richly bless you, HIS obedient servant and BELOVED DAUGHTER!!!
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Sister Eunice, is a priceless treasure from GOD. A true gift to us, her brothers and sisters through JESUS CHRIST.
Our concerns, becomes her concerns, and she seeks The throne of GOD with earnest passion to convey to us hope and wisdom from her heavenly connection from THE BLESSED TRINITY that has been given to her in a very precious way, for our benefit!!!

She help us to delight in The Word of God, and the promises of GOD!!!

Thank you sister Eunice. May GOD continue to richly bless you.
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Eunice has helped me several times. She hears superbly from THE THRONE OF GOD, and with her unique gift from GOD she uses it divinely to help convey to each person seeking revelation from GOD through her just how precious and valuable they are/we are to GOD.
Eunice is definitely AN AGENT FOR GOD!!! AN AGENT OF GOOD CHANGE!!!

Thank you.

Your sister in Christ,
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Eunice's GOD-GIVEN Ministry is called Treasures from Heaven. Eunice has a SPECIAL, SWEET AND DIVINE GOD-GIVEN GIFT she uses to share messages directly from THE BLESSED TRINITY with people who contact her for GODLY WISDOM AND DIRECTION!!!



Thank you.
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I contacted Eunice at a very crucial time in my life where I needed to know God's will in making important decisions at the time. I had been 'enduring' a fair amount of opposition in the spirit realm which caused me a great deal of stress and I was somewhat worn down in every area of my life.
In the week before Eunice and I Skyped for her to share with me what our Lord had shown her, He revealed a lot to me. Therefore when Eunice did share with me, a lot of what she shared was confirmation of what Holy Spirit had already spoken into my spirit.
I have often listened to the words Eunice shared with me on that day in February 2016 as they have given me encouragement and hope for things to change for the better in the future of my life as I continue to submit, trust and look to our Almighty loving God.
Thank you Eunice for your sweet spirit and ministry into my life which has brought much encouragement and hope at the darkest days of my life.
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My sister and I consider Eunice as our friend, and a divine prophet of GOD, who and proven every time, that hears directly from GOD. She is a blessing to my sister and I, and we pray that FATHER GOD continue to bless her perpetually in Jesus' name, AMEN, AMEN, AND AMEN.

GOD bless you sister Eunice!!!
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My husband and I, and even our sons, have been so blessed by Eunice's words. She has offered us so much insight in clarifying what the Lord is saying to us, and how he is guiding us. And even how God is having fun speaking to us in such unique ways (for example, through various numbers). As an artist, I am very appreciative in how God speaks through Eunice using objects (as in a bicycle) or an action (jumping out of a window) to convey a message. I can visualize what she says, and it makes the message that much more clear.

We have reached out to Eunice several times, and will certainly continue to do so. She is truly a candle in the darkness!
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The word I received from you was very accurate and poignant. I have recieved words from you on a couple other occasions and each time they greatly encouraged me and each were the right word at the right time!

Thank you for pursuing your calling and being such a great blessing to others!
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I am an Apostle from South Africa, sent to America for the cause of stirring an unprecedented Revival in this great nation.

I was referred to Eunice through a Prophet I deeply trust and honor. I was in the midst of a significant transition in my ministry, and I needed to get confirmation of some of the things I have carried in my bosom for the last decade. Pioneering is prophetic, and traditional church Theology is not equipped to help Prophetic people navigate though life with Prophetic Purpose. Every Prophet needs a Prophet.

Prophet Eunice, sent me a Prophecy while I was on Christmas vacation, which was sooner than what I expected seeing it was a busy period.

This Prophet pin pointed verbatim words of a Mantle that was handed to me, that has been carried for generations through former revivalists. She called out a 40 year transgenerational ministry handed me in the Spirit. There was no possible way for her to know these words, as I preserved them on various media for years. One term she used has been the reason I am what I am in ministry today. The rest of the Prophecy was staggering but, the fact of how God uses her to paint a Prophetic picture for His children is simply mind blowing.

My second experience with Prophet Eunice, was just as significant, I am currently finishing my PhD, she called out a pen in my hand, this is the work of my dissertation, she also spoke of a piece of land, which is presently being pursued even as we speak. It is as if she were here in my office in the USA. Her Prophetic insight flows from the heart of the Father. As an Apostle and Prophet myself, I find myself graced to see and hear for others, but when it comes to myself, I deeply depend on revelation and ministry to the Holy Spirit to hear from God. I seldom ask Prophets to speak into my life. Finding Eunice has been a LIFE stream back into our ministry. We respect her humility and boldness as a Prophet. My wife and I have made so many quality decisions due to her timely Prophetic foresight.

I cannot share the things that are still in my bosom, dreams, visions and utterances, that are very precious to my family and I, but it was glorious to hear Eunice go into those areas with precision and compassion, confirming what God requires of us.

As a minister of this glorious Gospel, I encourage you to allow Prophet Eunice to speak into your life. There are few New Testament Prophets I know, that walk in such love and purity from Abba Father, Eunice is one of them, and I highly recommend her for she flows from the Throne Of Grace.
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Eunice is a blessed prophet from GOD. She is able to provide a healing balm in Gilead or wherever you are for
people like me, straight from Heaven for the wounded and needy souls, in need of ABBA FATHER'S guidance and counsel. The message was precise and on point. I am truly blessed to have heard about Eunice. She is an
amazing prophet of GOD. Thank you very much, my sister in Christ. May GOD's blessings continue to richly bless you, Eunice, at all times in Jesus' name, AMEN, AMEN, AND AMEN!!!


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