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Personalised Card

Here is an opportunity for you to add your personal touch to a Prophetic e Card !

You may attach a photograph or picture/image of your choice, as well as adding a message.

So now it’s time to be able to use those special captured moments that mean so much , or put forward something that is uniquely designed by you and convey that to the special people in your life !

A personal prophetic message will also be attached to your card.

This is your opportunity of bringing back the special memories and events that convey so much between you and your friends and loved ones. Blessing them too with a special word from the Lord. What a great combination !

Card ideas


Drag me Drag your file here

This is the email the ecard will be sent to

Maximum word count is 300 characters

It will take a minimum of five working days to complete each card

Each card is a set price of £14

* For the card operation/transaction to go through successfully , it is necessary that once payment has been given on the PayPal link, you RETURN IMMEDIATELY to the website USING THE RETURN LINK PROVIDED on the PayPal form. Thank you. This is very important.